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Air Doctor Is Your Full Service HVAC Company

Air Doctor, LLC is owned and operated by Scott and Barbara Karr in Boonsboro, Maryland.  The company was formed in 2013 in order to provide five star residential HVAC and commercial HVAC services, coupled with indoor air quality systems for health and wellness benefits, all with excellent pricing.  We serve all of Frederick County and Washington County, as well as parts of Carroll County, Montgomery County and Howard County.  Scott has 24 years of total HVAC experience and has held his Master HVAC license more than 10 years.

What sets Air Doctor apart? Quality, integrity and excellence in our workmanship, coupled with our stand alone benefits, which includes:

• 10-year total equipment warranty
• 10-year total parts warranty
• 10-year total labor workmanship warranty
• 10-year financing (for qualified buyers)
Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee has sealed strong and trusting long-term relationships with thousands of clients.




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Air Doctor, LLC is proud to offer easy financing with zero cash out-of-pocket for all of our residential and commercial clients to fit your needs and budget.  From deferred interest promotions to very affordable 10-year low payment options for qualified buyers, these loans are an easy and convenient way to pay for your HVAC system investment.

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**All of our employees are fully background checked and drug screened.

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