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Heat Pump runs all the time

If your heat pump runs all the time, it may or may not be normal depending on a couple of factors. For example if the heat pump is meeting your temperature setting and the external temperature is less than 30 degrees then your heat pump system is likely functioning properly. A heat pump operates by [...]

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Troubleshooting HVAC Systems- Do’s and Dont’s

Common Do's and Dont's when troubleshooting HVAC equipment are important to consider. Homeowners may be able to troubleshoot their HVAC systems to a certain degree, but bigger issues, repairs and installations should be left to the professionals. Some of the troubleshooting that can be done prior to calling a professional service provider would be: • [...]

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HVAC Heating and Air Maintenance Efficiency and Energy Costs

The importance of HVAC maintenance is crucial to efficiency as well as proper operation of your HVAC Heating and Air Conditioning system(s). Your HVAC equipment is designed to run efficiently, but requires clean air as well as clean parts to accomplish this. Most people understand that air filters need to be changed. Air filters actually [...]

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Choosing the Best Air Filter for Your Home

Replacing your air filter is one of the small things you can do that can greatly affect the quality of air inside your home, choosing the right air filter is very important. Since many illnesses are associated with airborne contaminants, indoor air quality is a very important consideration. There are actually several choices available when [...]

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The High Cost of Heating with Propane

Propane Heat, Propane is a fuel made from natural gas or petroleum. It is a gas in it’s natural form, but is converted to liquid form in order to more easily store and utilize. Forty eight million households in the United States have something that runs on propane, whether it is their furnace, stove, [...]

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The Importance Of HVAC System Registration

Selling a house and the ins and outs of registering a new heating and air conditioning unit. Here's the scoop: If you have purchased a new HVAC system, the manufacturer gives you a 5 year automatic warranty on parts: it's included with your purchase. You can register the new system with the manufacturer and [...]

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