//Choosing the Best Air Filter for Your Home

Choosing the Best Air Filter for Your Home

Replacing your air filter is one of the small things you can do that can greatly affect the quality of air inside your home, choosing the right air filter is very important. Since many illnesses are associated with airborne contaminants, indoor air quality is a very important consideration. There are actually several choices available when it comes to replacing your air filter(s). Regularly replacing your air filter is very important to increase the quality of air as it circulates throughout your home as well as improve the performance of your heating and air conditioning units.

Your air filter(s) should be checked every month and replaced at least every three months. If the air filter appears dirty, it is best just to replace it and not attempt to clean it.

Your indoor air quality can be affected by several factors: volume of air circulated, in- home pollutants such as smoking, pets, number of people in the home, ventilation and insulation. Poor ventilation can lead to poorer indoor air quality since fine particulates, dirt, dander and other pollutants will be more concentrated indoors.

There are many types of filters: Hepa, Carbon, Electrostatic, after market and manufacturer’s branded filters. If you have smoking in your home, have pets or generally high traffic then you will require a higher quality air filter. Also if you have infants, elderly people or have anyone in your home that suffers from breathing problems, has allergies or other illnesses then it is beneficial use Hepa or electrostatic filters since they more greatly reduce pollutants, allergens, pollen, bacteria and most other airborne contaminants. Additionally, carbon filters can reduce odors and chemicals.

When selecting a replacement air filter, it is wise to choose a well made filter to maximize air filtration and higher quality air output. It is important that the filter fit properly. It should be measured by width, height and depth.
Air Doctor Heating and Air encourages you to check your filter often and replace regularly to maintain safe indoor air quality in your home. Air Doctor Heating and Air can help you with many other solutions to problems you may have with your indoor air quality, reducing pollutants and having a cleaner, healthier home.

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