//My Heat Pump will not turn on, How to troubleshoot before calling a professional

My Heat Pump will not turn on, How to troubleshoot before calling a professional

If your heat pump will not operate or turn on there are a few things to check before calling your service provider or HVAC specialist.

Sometimes the problem is not the heat pump itself, but perhaps the thermostat. First, it can be helpful to check your heat pump manual. If your heat pump has a system selector switch, then select “Emergency Heat” or raise the selected temperature desired setting and give it several hours to come to temperature. *Some systems require low start, consult your manual.

If resetting the thermostat higher (for heat) or lower (for AC) does not cause the system to work, then the problem may be a fuse, breaker or other electrical issue. If this is a newly installed thermostat, then verify that it is a compatible thermostat and is meant for heat pumps. It would be wise to check the fuses or breaker box. If it is another electrical issue, then contact a professional HVAC specialist. Electrical problems are not a do-it-yourself project.

Next you should look at the Heat Pump itself. If there is a switch, make sure it is turned “on”. Some units do not have external switches in which case, contact your HVAC service provider. It is always wise to look at your air filters, if they appear dirty, then replace them. A very dirty filter can prevent air transfer needed for your unit to operate.

If these system check do not produce results, it is important to contact a professional HVAC specialist. Air Doctor Heating and Air is available 24 Hours a day to make sure your system is running properly.

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