//The High Cost of Heating with Propane

The High Cost of Heating with Propane

Propane Heat, Propane is a fuel made from natural gas or petroleum. It is a gas in it’s natural form, but is converted to liquid form in order to more easily store and utilize. Forty eight million households in the United States have something that runs on propane, whether it is their furnace, stove, grill or other appliances. Ten million homes in the United States heat their homes with propane.

The biggest problems with heating your home with propane are the high and fluctuating costs and supply. Oftentimes these cost variations are unknown to the consumer when they receive their deliveries. Any propane customer should understand the cost of the propane before taking delivery each time as the prices can fluctuate at any given moment and without warning. Propane fuel is not government regulated and so the prices can vary greatly and can lead to overcharges of as much as $500/ year for an average home.

Consumers who own their own propane tanks will be better able to price shop from various suppliers, though they would need to maintain their own tanks. By leasing a tank, their supplier options are more limited.

Propane supply can be subject to supplier shortages and for customers who are locked in to their supplier (either by contract, tank lease or geographical limitations) this can mean no propane delivery for periods of time which can prove a major hardship when heating fuel is needed most.

This year, it is estimated that propane and heating oil may be up to 10.5% higher than last year. Forbes (Aug 2018) reports that there can be significant savings by converting existing oil and propane furnaces to electric or natural gas heat. Natural gas is most efficient and the least volatile on a dollar to BTU (British Thermal Unit) comparison. The BTU measures the amount of energy required to produce heat.

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