//The Importance Of HVAC System Registration

The Importance Of HVAC System Registration

Selling a house and the ins and outs of registering a new heating and air conditioning unit. Here’s the scoop: If you have purchased a new HVAC system, the manufacturer gives you a 5 year automatic warranty on parts: it’s included with your purchase. You can register the new system with the manufacturer and get a 10 year parts warranty if it is registered within 60 days of installation. It is free to register your unit with the manufacturer – doesn’t cost you a penny! Some of the HVAC companies will take the time to register the unit for you. That is one of the services we provide at Air Doctor, LLC – HVAC Specialists

Here is where it can get complicated. If you sell the house, that warranty will not convey to the new owners UNLESS they contact the manufacturer within 60 days of purchase/transfer and tell the manufacturer they want to register the unit. It may cost them a little bit of money to do it ($60-$100). Follow me here – If you, the homeowner, registers the unit and get the 10 year parts warranty, then sell the house AND the new homeowners do not register within the specified time, the warranty reverts back to 5 years.

On new construction, you can get the warranty for 10 years if you contact the manufacturer within 60 days of the home ownership transfer but you need to contact the manufacturer.

We ran into this recently where a new homeowner thought they had a 10 year warranty on parts. They didn’t know they needed to register the unit into their name and they missed out. 8 years into the home and a fairly expensive part went bad. It wasn’t covered by the manufacturer unfortunately.

If you need to check out a warranty, give us a call. We can easily check with the manufacturers to find that information for you. 301-799-7200 #airdoctorheatingandair #airdoctorinBoonsboro

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